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Behave or else!

Ezra Stuart

Behave or else!

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Local football have been warned that the whistle could be blown on the lucrative LIME Pelican Challenge if their behaviour is not in keeping with the sponsors’ image.
But despite the caution, LIME’s managing director Alex McDonald still told the more than 5 000 spectators gathered at the National Stadium for the opening of the lucrative out-of-season tournament that his company was prepared to go the distance.
“LIME will always support good things but if the time comes and it becomes not what our brand wants to be associated with because of what football is always known for, this tournament will come to a screeching halt and we can’t afford that,” McDonald said during his address at the opening ceremony.
“Football, as you know, has a reputation, which we are going to break in this tournament.
“We are going to endorse our youngsters, endorse the sport and endorse the spirit to which we have been supporting it,” he said.
“I have made it very clear that we are in this for the long haul. We are in it for the long haul because we believe in you and you believe in us,” he added.
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