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Holiday activities for the children

Suzanne Griffith

Holiday activities for the children

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With schools on holiday, it won’t be long before a chorus of “I’m bored” can be heard islandwide.
This Christmas break make a point of “unplugging” the kids; there’s loads to see and do on our island.
If you’re looking for an outing that the whole family will enjoy, partake in one of the island’s farmers markets. A new addition is the Holder’s Farmers Market on Sunday mornings; there’s also Cheapside and Brighton on Saturday mornings.
Prior to your trip, busy your children with making a shopping list. Children six to seven years and older can compose a list, practising spelling and handwriting, while younger ones can enjoy colouring clip art images of vegetables, a perfect opportunity to learn their colours.
Children with math skills can learn how vegetables are purchased by the pound or kilogram. Allow older children to pay the vendor and accept the change; doing so will not only hone multiplication skills, but also teach them to work with money.
When you arrive home enlist the kids to assist with washing and storing the vegetables. And as the vegetables are prepared and enjoyed throughout the week, continue to discuss your trip to the market – a sure guarantee that your entire family will be anxious to make another trip sometime soon.
A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Hunte’s Gardens. You won’t find a vegetable in sight at Hunte’s – well, at least I didn’t see any – but you will find one of the most incredible gardens you will ever lay your eyes on.
If you are seeking to boost your own creativity when it comes to planning and planting your garden, Hunte’s will inspire you.
If you have an older child who is a budding artist, the shapes, sizes and vibrant colours that characterize the plants at Hunte’s will serve as nature’s ideal still life.