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Focus on beach

Marlon Madden

Focus on beach

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The Beachlands project is not in need of funds and work is going on, just not yet on land.
Word of this came from Neysa Bridgeman, development manager of LTG Real Estate – the local agency responsible for the Sunset Crest, St James project – as she sought to dispel rumours that the project had stalled.
Bridgeman told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY that for the past year they had been focusing on coastal work and that was why it would seem as if no work was taking place if one passed along the main road.
“We have been [constructing] two offshore breakwaters which have been approved by the Town and Country Planning Department and the Coastal Zone Management Unit.
“The primary purpose is to enhance the beach. We expect this work to be completed shortly, perhaps within the next month. That is what we are focused on,” she said, noting that they were not in need of funds to carry out construction on land.
“The success of the development hinges on the quality of the beach. We are trying to get this part of the coastal work completed as we try to improve the beach.
“Once completed, we will take a view as to when the rest of the development begins,” added Bridgeman, opting not to go into detail about the rest of the project.