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Forde’s cry for help with roads

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Forde’s cry for help with roads

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PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVE?for St Thomas, Cynthia Forde, on Tuesday accused Government of having neglected the roads in her constituency for the past four years.
Speaking in the House of Assembly during debate on a resolution seeking monies, including more than $2 million for the Warrens Road Improvement Project, Forde complained that the roads in her constituency were in dire need of repairs and upgrades.
“I want the Minister of Transport and Works to please indicate to me what plans there are for the roads in St Thomas to get some upgrade because we are suffering for the past four years,” she said, adding that only the Bagatelle Depot was carrying out minor road repairs in the rural parish.
She added:?“I cannot boast of any real assistance coming from central Government or the Ministry of Public Works and Transport. The people of St Thomas are taxpayers too, who deserve to get some of the pie.”
Forde made specific reference to Airy Cot, St Thomas, which she said was experiencing heavy road slippage, and Stoney Gully, which she pointed out had been affected in 2010 by Tropical Storm Tomas and was posing challenges in the area. She called for the rock-cutting exercise in the gully to be continued.
“St Thomas gets the heaviest of rainfall . . . and we are not getting the necessary assistance and that is posing some tremendous problems,” she told Members of Parliament.
She also complained that some structures being erected in the parish were blocking the water courses and predicted that this would lead to flooding in other areas and on the highways.
In relation to the much-talked-about Warrens roundabout, Forde argued that to have 29 accidents in that area in 27 days was a cause for concern.
Pointing out that the Warrens Road formed a large part of her constituency, Forde said the popular view was that the reconfiguration of the road had not eased traffic congestion.
“Critics are saying the road is a waste of Government funds; it is an idiotic change. It is the most dangerous roundabout in Barbados and the congestion is worse,” she charged. (MB)