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Inspired Faces of Paradise

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Inspired Faces of Paradise

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Challenged, intimidated, inspired.
Those words summed up how young designer Naomi Springer says she felt in taking over the Lucky Horseshoe & Jump Kadooment Band which has reaped success over the past five years with Renee Ratcliffe as the designer.
Springer displayed the colour and creativity at the launch of Faces of Paradise 2012, which was held at the Bagatelle Great House last night.
The six categories of costumes, Islanders, Adventurers, Kuchela, Wok Up, Tribal and Caramba drew generous applause and praise from the modest gathering which included Minister George Hutson, Paul Johnson of Paul’s Enterprises Limited and Springer’s mother, Sue Springer.
Co band leader Pedro Richards indicated that they were still optimistic of reaching the figure of 700 band members inspite of the economic downturn. 
“We are waiting to see what the response will be but we are still committed to providing an elite package for our members and that is why we believe that we will hold and increase our membership,” said Richards.
The band’s base will be at Lucky Horseshoe, Worthings and Johnson announced there will be gatherings and parties at that venue leading right up to Kadooment. (KB)