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Muscle loss

Mike King

Muscle loss

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SEASON?OPENERS, the Mr Bridgetown and Mr Teenager bodybuilding contests, did not produce the razor sharp muscle to impress.
Dorell Coulthrust came from nowhere with 202 pounds of rugged muscle and joined the long list of Mr Bridgetown champions and Jonathan Nana got the reward for persistence by taking Mr Teenager.
Police officer Christine Stanford took charge of Miss Bridgetown.
These made their mark, but generally speaking, there were few fireworks at the Combermere School Hall over the weekend with every contest lacking depth.
There were just two contestants in Miss Bridgetown, only three teenagers, while Mr Bridgetown was sub-standard.
Coulthrust, who has lived in New York and Florida, walked tall but at age 41, he was able to enter his first contest and win comfortably, an indictment on the sport.
Michael Worrell, who took second, will be 54 next month, and is better known for his skills on the cricket field as a former West Indies “B”?team wicketkeeperbatsman.
“This means a lot to me,”?Coulthrust said. “I wasn’t expecting both of these wins. I knew I had the [Mr] Novice [class] locked down, but I wasn’t expecting the [Mr Bridgetown], so I am happy, and I thank God for that.”
Coulthrust paid tribute to manager/coach Patrick Waterman.
“I started bodybuilding when I was eight, but took it seriously when I got in my 20s. Just five months ago, I decided I would enter the Mr Novice competition and Patrick just jumped right in and decided he would train me. Hard work and termination  . . . paid off,” he said.
Coulthrust has to improve his legs to match his beefy upper torso.
Therold Babb and Joseph “Runt” Bourne once more failed to do their homework and were major letdowns. Stunningly after two decades in the sport, both men seem at a loss as to how to prepare and get in contest shape.
Babb has vowed to return at the August 18 Nationals, while Bourne was unsure about his next move.
Women’s bodybuilding is at an all-time low, and the Miss Bridgetown contest was proof. Allison Holland was not in contest shape and coach Irvine “Big Red’s”?Streete, must know he has a lot to prove and there is much work ahead for Stanford, who has turned to Richmeal Wiggins, of Flawless Concepts, to enhance her physique.
Nana, Quantano Parris and the bespectacled Daniel Boyce, are promising teens, and fans are hoping that they will be much improved for the Nationals.
Nadia Bretney, who also plays football and basketball, was a breath of fresh air in the bikini bodyfitness competition which also featured commendable performances from Jeanna Johnson, Kara-Lynn Belle and Shivina Demendonca.