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BLP COLUMN: Bees in Queen’s Park­

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLP COLUMN: Bees in Queen’s Park­

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The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) will meet in Queen’s Park from late today until Sunday for its 74th annual conference, fully conscious of mounting public expectation that its parliamentarians will form the next Government.  
And as BLP members, supporters, friends and the general public gather, political leader Owen Arthur and his team are humbled yet fortified by the solid show of confidence in them consistently demonstrated in public opinion polls, and determined to ensure that proceedings over the next three days will further exemplify their continuing readying of themselves for suitability for good governance.
In choosing Queen’s Park as the conference venue, the BLP is symbolically returning to its ancestral roots since this site had been the location for some epic political pronouncements and battles by (Sir) Grantley Adams and other founding fathers as the fledgling party showed it was not prepared to back down in its confrontations with the monied and repressive class on behalf of the disadvantaged masses.
Furthermore, Queen’s Park has added and wider significance to the public, located as it is almost within shouting distance of Parliament Buildings, the major symbol of the political power exercised by those democratically chosen by the ballot to represent the interests of all Barbadians, a process that began in earnest with the winning of universal adult suffrage in 1951, as a result of the relentless assault on the undemocratic status quo led by Adams.
For as though determined by the forces of history, the BLP’s return to Queen’s Park for its 2012 convention, comes at a time when the country is persistently and perceptibly turning to the party, demanding that Arthur’s already proven successful economic and political leadership skills be once more put to use to snatch them from the claws of an immensely incompetent Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration, led by Freundel Stuart, unapologetically administering painfully felt but not yet fully calculated economic, social, political and psychological damage to the country.
Those converging on Queen’s Park or watching its proceedings streamed live on the Internet via, can therefore expect to witness a party supplementing its highly successful public meetings campaign with an annual conference that reinforces the strong public perception that it is indeed Ready.United.Strong in its response to the desire for a change of Government.
The activities will range from the public showing of appreciation for people at all levels of the party and from the wider society, to an historic presentation by the revered Sir Henry Forde, a debating contest and, of course, the eagerly anticipated major speech by Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur in which he will reveal yet more of the BLP’s alternatives to repeatedly failed DLP policies with all of their calamitous consequences.
Hosted by City of Bridgetown candidate, Lieuitenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic and his branch, the normally sedate Queen’s Park will be transformed into an ocean of red and a bustling hive of activity, as the Bees modestly, thoughtfully and constructively show that we have the means of ending the DLP-induced national dreariness.
• Beresford Leon Padmore is a pseudonym for the Barbados Labour Party.