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Barbados praying for the US

Ricky Jordan

Barbados praying for the US

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The Government and Opposition of Barbados today expressed its sympathy to the United States of America (USA) following the passage of Storm Sandy, which devastated the country’s northeastern seaboard, particularly New Jersey and New York, over the last two days.
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart wished the country “the very best” on the floor of Parliament, noting it was the USA’s biggest natural disaster in a long time.
“I want to take the opportunity to let the people of the USA know that the sympathies of the people and Government of Barbados are with them during this very trying period. I want to wish the President and his Cabinet well as they try to deal with this huge challenge,” he said.
“The USA has not faced a natural disaster challenge like this for a very long time. The challenge faced with Hurricane Katrina is really child’s play in comparison to what the US dealt with last night and is dealing with today.
“I therefore think it is important that we place on the record the solidarity of the Government and people of Barbados with the government and people of the USA as they face what is in fact a daunting challenge.
“But you’re speaking of a country that is resilient and people who are courageous, people who have taken history by the scruff of its neck and dragged it in the direction which it wanted, and we don’t underestimate their capacity to deal with this challenge and to come out of it a stronger nation,” he added.
Opposition MP Mia Mottley told the House that what struck her most was the fire that had destroyed 50 homes in Queen’s, New York.
“This must be a tragedy of immense proportion to the people there, and I believe that all Barbadians stand united in extending our sympathy and our prayers to the American government,” she stated. (RJ)