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It Matters to Maria: Neighbours locked in battle

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

It Matters to Maria: Neighbours locked in battle

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For ?53 years the Cottle family of Porey Spring, St Thomas, have been going to and from their home with unimpeded access.
But all of that changed last Friday when their neighbour hung a chain across the road and banned them from driving across the property.
The elderly couple Roy, 78, and Evanese, 77, and their four adult children who live with them now have to squeeze through a small space to get to their home and they are forced to park their four vehicles away from the house.
Neighbour Vida Edwards was adamant that she was not removing the chain because, according to her, some of the Cottle family members have been disrespectful to her.The Cottles admitted that their long-time neighbour stopped speaking to them about a year ago following a dispute she had with one of their daughters.
“She said that the girl threatened to hit her with the car but that is not true,” Evanese said while her husband added: “Every time I wash inside the garage, she would complain that we sending our water over at her.”
About five weeks ago they realized that something was amiss when Edwards started to erect two pillars just outside her house.