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DEAR CHRISTINE: Men treated unfairly by court system

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Men treated unfairly by court system

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Dear Christine,
I am writing to share my experience concerning the family court system in Barbados when it comes to child maintenance and the unfair treatment meted out to some men.
First, let me say that not all men are the same. For the last few months I have been seeing numerous letters written by mothers sharing their grievances about the child maintenance system.
To the men in similar situations, I say it’s time you also share your grievances like the women do.
My brother was put in the system (for maintenance) because of wickedness and jealousy. My niece would come to our home every weekend from the time she was born. My brother would purchase everything for his child. You name it, he bought it.
Things were going great (between him and the child’s mother) seeing that they were no longer together. That was until she learnt he was getting married. All hell broke loose. Mind you, they had broken up long before my brother knew she was even pregnant.
My niece no longer comes to the house and her mother has refused to return my brother’s calls. To top it off, she has relocated to an address unknown to us.
A few months ago a summons was sent for my brother to attend court regarding child maintenance. He attended and the child’s mother lied in court.  
My brother said all the magistrate asked him was: “Do you work?” He now pays $100 a week for a child he cannot see, touch or speak to.
He returned to court and filed a document stating his grievances. Would you believe the court claimed it could not find the mother, yet she is issued a cheque every month?    
This type of thing needs to stop. What is happening to men in the maintenance system needs to be examined. They have rights too!
– ?
Dear ?,
I totally agree with you that the way in which men are treated by the family court system needs to be examined.
It seems unlikely that a judgment would be handed down in such a sensitive matter without both sides being heard, but we have only your brother’s account to go with.
The fact is, though, hell has no fury like a woman scorned and your brother’s ex is seeing to it that he pays for not walking her down the aisle.
I believe your brother should share his experiences with local group Men’s Educational Support Association and, if he cares to, should seek advice from an attorney at law. He should not allow the matter to end like this.
– Christine