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Close call in rescue attempt

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Close call in rescue attempt

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MATTHEW AGARD is thanking his lucky stars today.
Agard gave himself and his family  a scare on Tuesday night when, after hearing that a 60-year-old had disappeared from the cliff’s edge,  he too ended up in the choppy Atlantic Ocean at Green Point, St Philip.
The 27-year-old resident of the same village was pulled into the sea when  he climbed down the rockface to assess the situation, and described the entire ordeal as a “terror”.
“I climbed down the rocks where  I could; I looked to the location where  I could see the light [attached to Boyce’s head] was coming at a straight  beam . . . . I saw that the light was underwater [so] I did not pursue the light because I did not want to put my life at further risk,” Agard explained.