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Docs’ cliff

Sanka Price

Docs’ cliff

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At least 130 doctors may not be allowed to practise medicine here if they don’t get their accreditation in order within the next six weeks.
Being accredited by the Barbados Medical Council is the first step to being registered to practise in accordance with Section 18 of the Medical Profession Act 2011-1.
To get accreditation, the doctors need to provide evidence that they have complied with the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) assessment scheme under the act. This scheme assigns credits for various activities which would have contributed to furthering doctors’ education such as presentations to peer conferences.
This is the first year for this regulation.
Of the 583 doctors on the medical register last year, 520 have made applications. Seventy-seven have been accredited for the years 2013-2015; 152 for 2013-2014; and 221 for only this year.
The council, however, reported that 70 doctors require additional credits for re-registration and have until March 31 to complete the requirements to be registered, while 60 have not applied at all.