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Call to refund CXC exam fee


Call to refund  CXC exam fee

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Noting that Government COMMITS 20 per cent of its national budget to education, the head of a secondary school thinks the time has come for examcfees to be refunded when children enter for a subject and then refuse to take the exam.
“The time has come for a position to be taken on this waste of Government’s money, and students who accept entry for a subject and behave in this way should be required to refund the examination fees,” says acting principal of Ellerslie Secondary School, Ronald Leacock.
Leacock made this suggestion as he delivered the principal’s report at Ellerslie’s speech day and prize-giving ceremony yesterday morning at the school in St Stephen’s, Black Rock.
The acting principal’s concern about the need for students not to be allowed to waste limited resources was also stressed by journalist Geralyn Edward in her feature address. She reminded students not to take free education for granted and to make the most of their opportunities as much had been invested in them.