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CARIFTA Games Day 1

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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The 42nd BTC Carifta Games started in Nassau, in The Bahamas at the Thomas A Robinson National Stadium yesterday.
The following is the CARIFTA Games Schedule on Day 1
Saturday March 30
9:00 100m Hurdles Pentathlon Girls (1)
9:00 High Jump Under-17 Girls
9:15 110m Hurdles Heptathlon Boys (1)
10:00 Shot Put Pentathlon Girls (2)
Discus Under-20 Boys (Tristan Whitehall)
Long Jump Heptathlon Boys (2)
11:00 Shot Put Under-17 Girls
Javelin Under-17 Boys
11:15 400m Semis Under-17 Girls (Tiana Bowen)
11:30 400m Semis Under-17 Boys (Rivaldo Leacock, Ramarco Thompson)
11:45 400m Semis Under-20 Girls (Ariel Jackson)
12:00 400m Semis Under-20 Boys
4:30 High Jump Pentathlon Girls (3)
5:00 Triple Jump Under-17 Boys
Javelin Heptathlon Boys (3)
100m Semis Under-17 Girls (Timeka Jordan, Tristan Evelyn)
5:10 100m Semis Under-17 Boys (Mario Burke)
5:20 100m Semis Under-20 Girls (Shavonne Husbands)
5:30 100m Semis Under-20 Boys (Levi Cadogan)
5:40 Shot Put Under-20 Girls (Ashley Williams)
5:50 1500m Finals Under-17 Girls
6:00 High Jump Under-20 Boys
1500m Finals Under-17 Boys
6:10 1500m Finals Under-20 Girls
6:20 1500m Finals Under-20 Boys (Joshua Hunte)
6:30 Long Jump Under-20 Girls
6:45 200m Heptathlon Boys (4)
7:00 400m Finals Under-17 Girls
7:10 400m Finals Under-17 Boys
7:20 400m Finals Under-20 Girls
7:30 400m Finals Under-20 Boys
7:40 100m Finals Special Olympics Girls
7:50 100m Finals Special Olympics Boys
8:00 100m Finals Under-17 Girls
8:10 100m Finals Under-17 Boys
8:20 100m Finals Under-20 Girls
8:30 100m Finals Under-20 Boys