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Flying giants.

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Flying giants.

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The two biggest kites in the island will be flown around 11 a.m. today.
The kites, 30 and 28 feet high and sponsored by Marshall Trading, are made of bamboo and plastic. They were built by residents of Andrews Tenantry, St Joseph.
The flying of big kites has been an Easter Monday tradition of the residents for the past six years. It will require 40 people to get the two giants into the air.
“People out here can’t get the kites into the air alone. So we inviting other people to come out and help us or come out and watch us. We gine even got some entertainment too,” resident Neil Mascoll told the DAILY NATION.
Here, residents making sure that all strings are attached to one of the big kites before it goes up today. (AH)  (Picture by Nigel Browne.)