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Guyanese woman using Bajan man

shadiasimpson, [email protected]

Guyanese woman using Bajan man

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Dear Christine,
I am writing this letter hoping it will reach a gentleman who runs a shop in Black Rock, St Michael. He is friends with a very good friend of mine. We are both from Guyana.
Christine, this man is very good to my friend. She gets whatever she wants, but she is using him. I told her what she is doing is not right but she does not care.
Recently I was talking to her and she told me this is two years she and this man were friends and by next year he has to marry her so she can bring in her family.
I asked her if she has a place to put the family and her response was that he will have to go back to living in the shop.
Christine, I am from Guyana also, but I do not like unfairness. My friend has a man she goes to Guyana to see and she sends him money. She really loves this man.
She knows this man has a woman, and she is always calling and putting down the phone in the woman’s ears. Either that, or she would get her friends to call.
Christine, she is always bragging that when she is at the shop, he cannot answer his cellphone or the shop phone. She even says he cannot talk with his friends and can only go out if she says so.
She always tells me that I am foolish because I would not do what she was putting me up to do with my boyfriend.
I told her that what is for me, I will get fairly. I am the mother of seven children. I don’t want any wrong to fall on them. My friend is wicked but quiet about it.
I don’t know much about this man but he looks quiet and seems to be a nice person.
She said he took his money and fixed up her house and remodelled it for her. All she does is cook for him when she feels like it, and gives him a little sex if she is in the mood.
Do you believe this is right? Whenever we are talking she would say Bajan men are foolish. They left their wives or women for Guyanese.
Dear Feel For This Guy,
I came along hearing words to the effect – “one smart dead at two smart door”.
This woman may think she is outsmarting this man, but I am sure he’s no fool. Either way, she will eventually reap whatever she sows.