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Branding, packaging concerns

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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A weakness in packaging and branding among small manufacturers remains a concern for officials at the Caribbean Export Development Agency.
As a result, the agency organized a two-day workshop at the Hilton at which local and regional manufacturers were given expert advice and tips on improving their products.
Welcoming the participants to the start of the seminar today, the executive director of the agency, Pamela Coke Hamilton, said while there were some outstanding companies in the region when it came to branding and packaging, more was needed.
“CARIFORUM firms need to stop looking at each other solely as competitors but rather find ways to form strategic alliances and develop joint ventures to take advantage of the unique strengths for mutual benefits,” she said.
“Although there are success stories within the region, the truth is they are minimal and we want to increase that. The stories are far outnumbered by those brands and companies that don’t make it or have fallen by the way side and so what we would like to do is create more success stories. Branding is a very complex product and should be treated as such. It is not merely about getting your products out there but rather getting your products to sell out there.”  
Representatives from the UK-based agencies, Brand 42 and Rhodes and Lauritsen who specialize in strategic branding and design, facilitated the workshop. (MM)