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PSV gains ‘wiped out’ by fuel costs

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PSV gains ‘wiped out’ by fuel costs

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IF PUBLIC SERVICE VEHICLE (PSV) operators are to survive, Government is going to have to look at some creative ways to assist them, Morris Lee, a former president of the Association of Public Transport Operators, has said.
In a telephone interview yesterday, Lee said the cost of fuel had devastated PSV operators and he offered some possible solutions.
“While we are fully appreciative of the waver of excise tax on the cost of fuel as well as the reduction in road tax, fuel has still doubled in cost over the last few years and has wiped out all the gains we expected to get,” he said. “I believe a creative way has to be found to cushion the impact of the cost of doing business.”  
Lee said raising bus fares was one option but added that it was not a very good one. (CA)