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Garner hits back at Nicholls


Garner hits back at Nicholls

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PRESIDENT OF the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA), Joel Garner, has pushed back hard against recent criticisms by disaffected secretary Gregory Nicholls and has accused him of failing to fulfill his duties and to carry out board decisions.
Nicholls, in an article which appeared in the last SUNDAY SUN, said that although the BCA board had determined that they should meet with all the candidates for the post of president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), this was never done.
But Garner pointed out that the BCA board had agreed that the secretary should send correspondence to all the candidates seeking election to the WICB, inviting them to make presentations to the board in person, if they so desired.
“The honorary secretary (Nicholls) failed to ensure that the board’s decision was carried out, despite the fact that the rules of the BCA expressly provide that the honorary secretary ‘shall receive and respond to correspondence on behalf of the Board’,” Garner told the SUNDAY SUN.