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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Short man in a pickle

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Short man in a pickle

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Since a good character is integral to how you’re perceived, a young woman is trying desperately to save hers after a vertically challenged politico made certain suggestions on social media that could convey the wrong impression.
So serious is this young woman that she has even written to the politico’s long-time party boss detailing what occurred, and asking for the matter to be investigated. Otherwise, she will be seeking legal advice on the matter.
Cou Cou has learnt that when the young woman was involved with a tall, big-up politico last year, he advised her to send her curriculum vitae to the short one in the hope of securing a job at a statutory corporation.
She did that and the two exchanged texts, Facebook messages and emails on that matter. However, the job never materialized.
Anyway, a few nights ago – for some unexplained reason – the politico started responding on his Facebook page to a message this young woman sent him a year ago. Those messages could have given the impression to those viewing the page that it was a recent and ongoing communication.
The series of messages were sent between 3:31 p.m. to 11:51 p.m., including a request at 10:39 p.m. for her to meet him at a location in the north. He even sent her his two cellphone numbers to get her to call him. And in his last message that night asked if she was “sleeping” or “ignoring” him.
The perplexed young woman never responded. Instead she wrote the politico’s party long-time administrator. She told him that she expected better from the politico and termed the entire matter “a malicious onslaught on my character”.
So upset is the beautiful young woman by this unwanted attention that she told friends via social media: “There are some things I do not view as humorous. I expect a certain level of behaviour from anyone who is entrusted to represent others . . . . Especially the Member of Parliament for the area [in which] I reside along with 98 per cent of my family.
“Therefore, when an individual would post a discourse which occurred almost a year ago to give persons the false impression that it was recent and misleadingly try to justify why he sent certain messages three days ago, I have a fundamental issue with such.”
This woman is adamant about getting justice in this matter to dispel the rumours that have begun circulating since the messages were posted that she was moving from one politico to another.
Questions all around
?Cou Cou is being bombarded with questions pertaining to a number of ongoing issues. Today, we’ll share some with you:
Was the Prime Minister misinformed or simply did not realize that SmartStream does not operate in statutory corporations, and the list of welfare recipients is also not on that Government computerized system?
Why has no Government official told individuals appointed as temporary postmen why they were not paid in August and if they will be paid this month? When, too, will those who are just temporary in that position be paid as well? And will they be sent home after the six- and three-month authorizations stipulated on the individual letters distributed on Wednesday?
How come we have no municipalities in Barbados, but a municipal solid waste tax was imposed on taxpayers? Was this terminology used because it was lifted straight from an Inter-American Bank document? And if that is the case, are these new impositions being done to satisfy Government getting a loan from that institution?
If the Government is serious about cutting costs, why do they not close the few schools in rural areas that have rolls of less than 100 pupils and amalgamate them with larger, newer schools within the same catchment area? Have they not done this because it would cause a political storm for a number of reasons, but none based on financial common sense??