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Talk less and listen more

Annette Maynard-Watson

Talk less and listen more

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TAAHIR BULBULIA, my former history student, is a really inspirational child. Last week as I was relaxing during my lunch recess, Taahir said, “Ma’am, you have to write something about talking.”
Through this column I had presented a series about the health benefits of singing, hugging, crying, laughing and deep breathing. I had intended to revisit that series next year. However, as the saying goes, a little child shall lead them – so I took Taahir’s advice and wrote this article from deep down within to empower those who would learn.
In the beginning the Creator declared “Let there be light”, and there was light. The Creator saw that the light was good. This simple sentence demonstrates that talking is a very powerful creative tool. However, some people misuse talking and instead of creating positively, they destroy positive creation.
These types are notorious in most workplaces. You can instantly identify them because they never stop talking, even during the lunch period. They say senseless things behind your back. When they meet you along the corridor, their talk is often baseless and their eyeballs often twinkle while darting left and right. They don’t text for fear of talking less, they telephone others after work to exhaust and misuse the gift of talk. It is time for these talkers to be freed from their ignorance.
Talking is a very precious gift from our Creator and should only be used when necessary. Talking should be done infrequently unless our job requires us to talk.
Over the years I have observed that I am talking less. Now I am at this silent stage where I recognize how we often misuse talking. Therefore, if I attend a school or professional meeting, I only talk if I have too. Sometimes I don’t talk at all because I have mastered listening and have come to realize that I should only talk when that inner voice bids me to.
When we seldom speak, idle minds may conclude that we are unhappy or depressed and circulate rumours because they do not know about the benefits of talking less.      
Finally, this week I implore you to talk as little as possible and hear what the talkers are saying. You are going to be truly amazed.
In my opinion, we should only talk if we have something positive or constructive to say. Additionally, try silent doctor soursop tea to relax the body as you talk less to empower yourself.
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