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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Rumble on the culture stage

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Rumble on the culture stage

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A ROW IS brewing at an institution that promotes Barbadian culture that threatens to undermine one of its successful community outreach programmes.
Cou Cou has been reliably told the contention surrounds the provision of services to the programme.
Presently, these services are being increasingly handled by an entity connected to someone at the institution. This has led to less “little” people being able to set up their tray at events and make a quick dollar – which was the original concept.
Those in the know are saying too that people who use the services of the entity are able to get the programme at a venue of their choice and on a date they want, ahead of those on a lists that presently extends until mid-2014.
Though some are condemning what appears to be a conflict of interests, others are suggesting this is just a case of securing a slice of a very lean “fatted calf”.
Mother barred from school
A MOTHER has been told by police not to set foot on a rural primary school premises because of a physical confrontation she had with a teacher.
The order has left the mother deeply disappointed and questioning what is the point of volunteering her services at her child’s school if the principal only listens to the teacher whenever something adverse occurs.
From what Cou Cou was able to gather, the teacher flogged the woman’s son. The woman went to the school to ask the male teacher why the child was flogged.
In their verbal exchange, the teacher said he was kicked on his foot and retaliated by cuffing the woman. The two of them landed a few blows on each other before they were parted and went before the principal.
In the discussion the teacher is said to have conceded that the kick he claimed was inflicted by the woman, may have been a misunderstanding. He subsequently apologized.
However a day later, the police turned up at the woman’s house and warned her not to return to the school.
The mother is now wondering that innocence seems to account for nothing.
Disbelief over thoughtless statement
A NUMBER of business people are today shaking their heads in disbelief at the mind-boggling statement made by a very important man in a significant place this week.
Their shock is at the thoughtlessness of the statement.
They are saying it is one thing to bluster, make accusations and criticize opponents. That is part of the cut and thrust of politics which is understood universally by all, especially investors.
But it is another thing when an official in the execution of his duty states his life has been threatened for doing his job.
That speaks to possible instability within a country and calls into question of whether any investment made in that country would be safe.
Cou Cou understands the issue was raised on the side of an overdue meeting between some of the executives gathered, but no one dared ask the man who made it. Possibly they didn’t speak up because they’re afraid of being regarded as against the administration – but who knows?