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Sealy has shot at glory

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Sealy has shot at glory

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Moving from St George to St John could see veteran road tennis player Anderson “St George” Sealy making it to the National Sports Council Islandwide Road Tennis finals at Dover, Christ Church, in the new year.
After campaigning unsuccessfully in the first three editions for his home parish, Sealy has taken up residence in St John to team up with southpaw Adrian “Dan” Skeete to be on the brink of advancing past the quarter-finals.
In a battle against St Lucy, Skeete prepared an easy wicket for Sealy by crushing Adrian Scott 21-6, 23-21 at Belfield on Wednesday night.
St Lucy won the B Class finals last year to move up to the A division with top player Kerry “TC” Francis struggling to find a replacement partner for his injured champion from 2012, Neil Greaves. Thus, Francis needed to defeat Sealy under a total of 27 points for St Lucy to advance.
Sealy reeled off some impressive shots to lead Francis 8-3 before the equally resolute Francis used his serve and better fitness to reel in Sealy and take the opener 21-18. The rains, however, disrupted the match, with Francis needing to keep his opponent below eight points in the second set.
That game will be concluded when the caravan moves to Road View, St Peter, on Saturday night.
The St Peter players are still on board after qualifying for the next round on Wednesday.
Winfield Trotman defeated Emmerson King of St Andrew 21-14, 21-19. The match between Randolph Doughlin of St Andrew and Anthony Greaves of St Peter went three sets.
Doughlin took the game 16-21, 21-17, 21-13 with the loss of the one set, allowing St Peter
 to move on. (KB)