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DEAR CHRISTINE: Seven years of a nightmare

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Seven years of a nightmare

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Dear Christine,
I’m in a relationship that’s making me feel I like am going crazy and I need someone to talk to. I have been in this relationship for seven years and we have a son together. However, the last two years have been like a nightmare. He started cursing me in front of his friends and some
of my family. He flirts with women in front of me but if somebody dares to look at me, he accuses me of [carrying on a “friendship”] with that person. Sometimes I am not even aware of the person.
If I go out (which is not often), he wants to know who is accompanying me, what I am attending and what time the event is expected to finish. If it finishes at two and I’m not home by five past two, he makes a noise that I am seeing someone else. Christine, I am not exaggerating about the time. We never go anywhere together. Each time I speak about us going somewhere he finds an excuse. He never takes blame for anything he does. He either blames me or our son.
Once I found out about him and a young woman. When I told him what I found out, he blamed me for it. I get called some of the worse names you can call a woman. There is so much anger and bitterness in me, for someone who always had a smile. I really need someone to talk too. Who do I talk to, to get rid of these headaches that make me feel like I going mad? What is the best organisation that can help me?
Dear Going Crazy,
You are in a seriously toxic relationship which will drain you of your energy and senses if you don’t call it quits.
While I can provide you with someone to talk to, you need to take action, by removing yourself from around this individual if you are in a position to do so. I fear for your health and general well-being.
The partners of God’s Vision of Prayer, Praise And Worship Ministry can be reached by calling 624-0728 between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Theirs is a special ministry called: Prayers During The Midnight Hour. A counsellor will be on hand to pray and talk with you.
You can also call The Samaritans at 429-9999.