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UPDATED: Two men freed

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

UPDATED: Two men freed

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A MAN WHO MURDERED a policeman and another who killed a school girl were released from prison today after serving close to 25 years.
Carlisle Payne, who shot Police Constable Marlon Marville in 1990 and Nolan Connell, a former national boxer, who killed school girl Gloria Blanchette in March 1989, were granted their freedom by the Court of Appeal today.
Payne was 17-years-old, while Connell was 16 when they committed the offences.
Since last year, authorities have been releasing convicted persons who were serving sentences in excess of 20 years. The High Court has ruled they can no longer be detained indefinitely and all such cases were under review.
Get the full details in tomorrow’s Weekend Nation. (MB)