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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Keep up the good work, GG

Reverend Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Keep up the good work, GG

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He shall call me, Thou art my Father; My God and my strong salvation. And I will make him my first-born higher than kings of the earth.  My mercy will I keep for him for evermore and my covenant shall stand fast with him. – Psalm 89: 27-29
Our Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave is a GG with a difference, in that he has removed himself a little from the tradition of only visiting centenarians, but now is visiting schools and having schoolchildren visit Government House. All of which was unheard of in the past. Yes, we are living in a changing world.
What he is doing is a very good thing for our schoolchildren, for I am sure that it will help motivate some of the children and it will be a lasting memory for them.
Our Governor General has demonstrated that he is one chosen out of the people and will be there also for them. There are people who when they reach certain positions, remove themselves from some of the people they grew up with.
The first school he visited was the Boscobel Primary School in St Peter where he first attended as a child. Then the St Stephen’s Primary, in the area where he spent most of his young adult life with his aunt. He, later hosted the Class 4 children of Boscobel at Government House for a tour and lunch.
There are many adults, I am sure, who have never visited Government House.
It is very nice to see that we have a GG who has remained very humble. It has shown that one can reach such heights and yet remain very humble.
The good Christian and devoted Anglican that he is, I am sure that he has taken the words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to heart: “I am among you as one who serves.”
The visits to the schools will mean so much to those children and teachers for it was unheard of in the past.
The closest that many of us have got to royalty was when The Queen or any member of the Royal Family paid a visit to Barbados. We would form a line on the route where he or she was passing and wave and that was it and no more.
It must also be noted that during his visits the GG gave the children great advice and I do hope that they would take that advice to heart.
Please keep it up, Sir, we are praying for you.