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Shot on boat cruise

Maria Bradshaw

Shot on boat cruise

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A sea of emotions overcame Kay Best yesterday morning when she found out that her son had been shot hours earlier while partying on the Jolly Roger.
Rashidi “Rambo” Branch, 23, had left his mother’s St Michael home in good spirits to attend the popular Wednesday night Trippy Wednesday cruise on board the pleasure boat under a football theme.
“When he was leaving home he come up to me smiling saying, ‘Mummy, I want to borrow your gold bangles’,” Best said, adding that she gave them to him with a warning not to lose them.
Little did she know that he would almost lose his life.
“Apparently some of his friends BB [messaged] his father and brother and told them what happened,” Best said. “I?got up early this morning and found the car gone, the shop still open and the cash register still there so it seemed that his father left in a hurry.
“I was saying my morning prayers when his father come home around 4 o’clock and said, ‘Kay come to me’. I?looked at his face and I?knew something was wrong. He told me to settle myself and then he said Rashidi get shoot but he okay,”?Best said, adding that she immediately broke down in tears.