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AWRIGHT DEN: Magnificent example

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Magnificent example

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I remember so many people didn’t believe I could abstain from sex until I was married. I received so much pressure and criticism for 13 years from my peers and even my elders. I was called gay, a chi-chi man, they said I frighten for woman, I is uh punk, I ain’t know wuh I missing (which was the truth), I ain’t normal, yuh can’t marry a pig in a blanket.
One woman even told me that God didn’t make man to have one woman but woman to have one man. She supported her claims by stating that she believed this was true because men produced millions of sperm when they ejaculated, but women only released one egg during menstruation.
On April 28, 2010, Heroes Day in Barbados, at the age of 27, I married my hero, best friend and lady who was 28 at the time. Today we are happily married with two amazingly beautiful daughters and both my wife and I abstained until we were married.
Of course it was challenging, but we have no regrets. We have no others to compare to, we have no diseases or infections to worry about, we have no ‘baby mumma and baby daddy’ drama, we have no child support issues. Neither are our hearts crushed or feel used by a past lover.
What we have is a pure relationship, crafted and done the way Christ intended: friendship/relationship, then marriage, then “all the sex yuh want”, then children, then “all the sex yuh cuh get”.
I can tell you that I know many people who wished they had waited. They can’t go back and change the past, but they can begin that process of abstinence and purity right now if they aren’t married, and faithfulness and commitment if they are.
I now am able to tell people, especially the youth, that there is an alternative called abstinence and it is possible because I did it. I am so looking forward to teaching my daughters about purity, commitment, honour and abstinence, and what’s more amazing is that mummy and daddy are living examples.
It is one thing to tell people what you hear; it’s more powerful to share what you experienced. Do not believe the lies, or be manipulated, deceived and controlled by individuals, organisations and policies that encourage you to ‘shack up’, have multiple partners, be slack, lewd and ‘wutless’, have ‘fun friends’ and do what you want, how you want, when you want, with whom you want because that is your ‘human right’.
Most people who encourage these activities do it from a selfish, unkind and demonic motive. Most of them do it because they want you to experience the guilt, emptiness and resentment they carry in their hearts. When you follow their poisonous advice, none of them is there to carry you through the hurt, disappointment and grief.
We must understand that we don’t live our lives for us alone; we live it for each other and we have a human right to be magnificent examples in all that we do.
My wife and I have purposed in our hearts that we will be that godly alternative that the world needs. Alternatives in the workplace, in society, as parents and spouses, in politics, in music, in our careers, etcetera. We won’t always get it right, but we will not quit.
I refuse to be like anyone else, when God made me unique. Think about it; I have been an inspiration and encouragement to some of you. I have made you laugh, cry, cringe, smile and even steupse. Could you imagine if I wasn’t in this world? Could you imagine how much you would have robbed me of if I didn’t receive knowledge, motivation and joy from meeting you?
Because you exist, the world is an amazing place. If there is one thing the world needs is me. If there is one thing the world needs is you. The world is incomplete without our ideas, actions and examples.
Once you become common, you lose your influence. I am at peace being me – a Magnificent Example.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.