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Overpass attackers

Randy Bennett

Overpass attackers

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A recently built walkover is now proving to be an ideal hiding spot for lawless individuals.

And they are turning out to be a headache for both motorists and police officers alike.

In recent weeks, people have been hiding on the overpass above the ABC highway in the Pine at night, and throwing objects at unsuspecting motorists, damaging their vehicles.

The most recent incident took place on Thursday night, when two vehicles travelling in a northerly direction along the section of highway between Parkinson School and the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, were damaged after being hit by the suspected culprits.

The object damaged the front left passenger door of one of the vehicles, a sedan, while a white panelled van was left with a deep dent along its body, close to the roof.

When a report was made to the District “A” police station, it was revealed that several other complaints had been made with regard to similar circumstances.