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20 questions with Sammy G


20 questions with Sammy G

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How long have you been on the music/entertainment scene? Seven years.

How did you come to be influenced by soca/calypso? Anthony Sargeant, who is a part of the Junior Monarch band, came to my primary school (Lawrence T Gay Memorial School), and asked the principal if I would be interested in singing calypso. From there I attended the Junior Monarch workshops where they assisted and taught us about all the aspects of singing calypso.

What in your view was your big break? In 2011, when I won Junior Monarch. it was the first year I showed my improvement and understood the art form more.

Achievements on the calypso scene? Semi-finalist in 8-12 and placed sixth in 2009. Didn’t make it in 2010. Won Junior Monarch in 2011. Placed third in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 won Junior Monarch, was a Pic-O-De-Crop semi-finalist and a reserve for the finals.

What is the lowest you have ever been in your career? In 2010 when I was now in the 13-18 category and did not make it into the semi final round. That year I cried, attending the shows, thinking that it could have been me.

What is your most memorable? When I won the Junior Monarch last year. I worked extremely hard.

As a female artiste how important is image to you? It is on the top of my list as an entertainer. It says something about you, onstage and offstage. You should always look good, and good meaning presentable.

What is your focus now in terms of your career? On becoming a Pic-O-De-Crop queen and developing myself better in the calypso art form.

Favourite song in your catalogue? Successful Sammy.

Pet peeve? Arriving on time and the event starts late.

Plans for rest of season? I am ready to defend my title and attend some of the shows.

If it wasn’t music what would it be? A lawyer