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DEAR CHRSTINE: I want out of this relationship

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DEAR CHRSTINE: I want out of this relationship

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Dear Christine

AFTER LIVING with a man for almost two years, I have become increasingly aware that we are definitely not meant for each other.

There are just too many areas of disagreement. I am not saying that this is his fault, but what makes the situation so impossible is that he would not ask for help even if he knew it could save his life, or the life of someone he loves, because he is too proud.

To ask for help would be to admit that he did not have all the answers.

My problem is that I do not know how to ease out of this relationship. If he ever listened he would have picked up many clues but he does not.

I am now attracted to another man and want to be free to live my own life. I cannot keep procrastinating the difficult time when he has to know.

– MC

Dear MC,

You’re right! You cannot keep on procrastinating. Things will not get easier as time goes by; on the other hand, they will get harder.

There is really no easy way to break up a relationship, unless by some miracle the feeling is mutual.

This man is bound to be hurt but he will be less hurt if you place the problems on the simple fact of the differences between your two personalities. This keeps it from being a personal attack on him.

It sounds to me that like many men, he is not in touch with his feelings. He has cut off himself from himself and unless he can find the humility to be able to accept help, he’s not apt to change.