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PUDDING & SOUSE: Bodywork man pulls big scams


PUDDING & SOUSE: Bodywork man pulls big scams

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A WELL KNOWN ST MICHAEL BODYWORK MAN, who has few friends, if any, in his neighbourhood, is again the centre of attention after pulling off another big scam.

The man, who has a fancy accent, was removing a windscreen from a customer’s vehicle when it cracked. Knowing that replacing it would be costly, he immediately stopped and waited.

An unsuspecting group of young men from an established glass company passed by, and Mr Bodyworkman sprang into action, telling them that if they removed the windscreen for him he would give them “something”.

They removed the windscreen, not knowing that it was cracked. On completion of the job, Mr Bajan Yankee started kicking up a fuss and demanding to be paid for the broken windscreen. The men denied breaking it. So down to their workplace he went and demanded to see the boss, who threatened to fire the workers.

Bajan Yankee was paid by the Good Samaritans, but refused to pay the owner of the vehicle for breaking her windscreen in the first place. The owner of the vehicle ended up selling the vehicle months after with the same cracked glass. She never got a cent from him.

Mechanic screws up and bolts

A KNOW-ALL MECHANIC, who knows little about mechanics, has fled his workshop in an urban area after crashing a customer’s car that he was supposed to be repairing.

The mechanic, who residents say has some idea about traffic matters from his previous job, was given a car with a small issue to repair. But, instead, he took the car for a spin in a country district and pinned it on to a wall.

Word is that the mechanic, who thinks he is as smart as a fox, eased back home, took up all of his tools and has gone into hiding. No one has seen or heard from him for weeks. Meantime, the owner of the vehicle circles the area often, very well prepared while looking for the mystery man. Stay tuned.

Hubby feeling pressure of a horn

IT WAS BACCHANAL in a St Michael car park as a husband followed his wife, whom he alleges has another man.

Residents could not believe their eyes after wifey pulled up and parked, then made herself look prim and proper before starting to head to the outside man.

Little did she know that her tall, slender hubby was in hot pursuit. Hubby, who met up with her in the car park, jumped out and demanded that she get back in the car and head home. Wifey, who was initially hesitant to obey the orders of her husband, hurriedly bounded back into the car after hubby started doing bad and spilling his guts about all the info he had accumulated on this outside man, who wears big boots.

Someone rushed out and demanded to know who he was, but was shocked when the tall man said in a sheepish voice: “I is she husband. It’s me that getting horn.”

Bottled up with anger

BARBADIANS ARE SO FED UP with price adjustments concerning their profit margin for the collection of bottles that they are saying they won’t collect another one.

They say that it simply makes no sense putting in the effort anymore to collect bottles because of the marked reduction in price for a bagful. Some argue that the price now suits only parros and that any self-respecting person would no longer be seen with the usual bags making their way to cash in on their second job.

A pensioner, who said she was collecting bottles for years, said when she heard the new rate it nearly took the last breath from her body.