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Waiting in pain?


Waiting in pain?

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Health is an issue that affects us all. For the past several years, Barbadians have been complaining about the length of time spent seeking medical attention at the island’s public health care facilities. SUNDAY SUN teams visited a polyclinic in the north and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to get a first hand account of experience.

SICK – AND FRUSTRATED TOO! Those words could aptly sum up the state of many who wait at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s (QEH) Accident & Emergency Department for medical attention.

When the SUNDAY SUN made a late night visit to QEH’s emergency arm, some people there profusely voiced their discontent. It steamed out like the pressure escaping from the vent of a pressure cooker. And as the night went on, the coughing, vomiting and complaints increased.

One dreadlocked St Lucian, who was nursing wounds from a brawl, loudly explained why he found himself in the emergency room.

“All I could remember is nuff men holding me and them just swinging but I don’t want no friends with nobody,” he said. (TSG)

Please read the full story in today’s Sunday Sun, or in the eNATION edition.