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Money can’t buy my love

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Money can’t buy my love

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Dear Christine,

GREETINGS to you and keep up the good work. I would like to share my problem with you and readers.

I just don’t know why some men with money believe they can always buy love and sex. Don’t they know that women will use them for as long as they like and that sometimes there is a boyfriend in the wings, just as they may have a woman or other women in the wings?

Here is my story. There is a man who is very much my senior who says that he is in love with me. However, I have no feelings whatsoever for him.

He constantly calls my extension at work, calls my cellphone and my home (as these numbers are available at the office), but does not realise he is a nuisance. He went as far as to invite me to his home and out on costly dates, but I have refused in each case.

I really do not want to get involved with him but he does not understand. He is the kind of man who thinks that money can buy love.

Please tell me how to overcome this problem and let him know I am simply not for sale and not interested in him or his money.

– C.P.

Dear C.P.,

I think you are managing your problem quite well. Perhaps he really cares. Who knows? However, since you are not interested in him in any way, form or fashion, just keep refusing him, without being rude. He will soon get the message and hopefully stop being a nusiance.