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Barbados gets Snapchat Live Story


Barbados gets Snapchat Live Story

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Yesterday, popular social media application Snapchat announced that Barbados would be receiving its own Live Story today, a feature where the platform’s 100 million users across the world, get to see a slice of whatever country is being featured.

The app allows users to both take pictures (snaps) or ten-second long videos and post them for their friends to see. Largely popular with the youth, Snapchat has risen to global prominence recently as they announced their app received over six billion video views a day from users.

Although usually reserved for larger countries and cities, earlier this year Jamaica received much attention as they were the first Caribbean island to have a Live Story. As such, Barbados is only the second regional country to do so.

What does this mean for Barbados? Well if anything, it means that Snapchat users across the island have an opportunity to show to the world just what the island is made of.

 When taking a snap, just scroll left until you see the Barbados filter and post to the “Our Barbados Story”. Your location services need to be on for the feature to work.

The live story is subject to a Snapchat review before being broadcast to the world, so get snapping Barbados! (AD)