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Garden festival ‘keeps on growing’


Garden festival ‘keeps on growing’

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ST PETER’S PARISH CHURCH GARDEN FESTIVAL is becoming one of the most anticipated events in the north.

Yesterday was the second day of the five-day From Shore To Shore event, held in honour of Barbados’ 50th Independence celebrations.

The church rector, Canon Peter Haynes, said the show was in its 17th year and the day had been exceptional.

“It continues to grow and it presents Barbados not only to Barbadians but to many of our visitors. Lots of people overseas are seeing the photographs online and they are commenting about them from different sources,” he said.

He said the festival showed that it was possible to come out as a community and have a good and pleasant time.

“We can have good peaceful, caring activities where we can get people out; the elderly and the shut-ins can come out and be a part of it. It’s a point of ministry, so that makes it very, very important,” he said. (ACG)