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DEAR CHRISTINE: Sexual predators need to be stopped

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Sexual predators need to be stopped

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Dear Christine,

I AM WRITING to you with the hope of opening the eyes of parents who are naive and ignorant when it comes to their children.

While it is important to sit and have frank discussions with our children about sex, abstaining from sex, birth control and drugs, we need to call a spade a spade.

We have some big, hard-back, ignorant men in our society who would not keep their hands off our teenage girls (and boys). As a matter of fact, some of the girls they interfere with are not even teenagers yet.

My niece was a 12-year-old bony, little girl when one of those big hard-back men, old enough to be her father (and who should know better), tried to lure her into having sex with him.

We talk about teenage pregnancy and about young girls who get two, three and four children right after the other, but who are to blame? Most of the time it is the irresponsible men in our society.

No respect

As parents, many of us try to bring up our young boys and girls the best way we can, but these men have no respect for the parents when they try to lure innocent boys and girls into their homes, cars and bushes. They also have no respect for these young girls and boys, who for the sake of a piece of morsel, go ahead and have sex with them.

Christine, I repeat, too many hard-back men (and some women too) must take the majority of blame for the downfall of our societies.

Their reprobate, sex-filled lifestyle and minds see them committing some of the most degrading sexually-related acts with our young children and nobody is speaking out; not even some church leaders, some of whom are also caught up in distasteful sexual activities.

If we take the route of shutting our eyes to the sexual predators within our society (the world at large also) who prey on the gullible and innocent among us, we will feel the wrath of God in our lives.

Sexually transmitted diseases, the increase in HIV/Aids and the general degradation of our society are all – to some extent – as a result of our worthless, covetous, sexual (sinful) lifestyle.

Stop in Jesus’ name

I am calling on those men and women who lure our young people and each other into illicit sexual activities and pass their prowess (ungodly sexual skills) unto others, to stop – in Jesus’ name!

We say we are a Christian society and love to “hold a church service” at the start of special occasions – anniversary services, national events and so on – but we are men and women of (religious tradition) who have lost respect for God whom we say in our National Anthem “has been the people’s guide for past 300 years”. We think by paying Him lip service, we are doing our dutiful part.

Turn back to God

Who are we fooling, Barbados? It must be ourselves. In this our 50th year of Independence, let us turn back to God and not come to the conclusion that we are where we are because of some man or woman. Let us not give all the credit to some political figure or leader.

I am asking every true, respectful man (particularly) and woman in our society, to play a more meaningful role in the lives of our young people and stop seeing sex, money, earthly possessions, revelling and drugs as the answers to the ills in our society.

In the words of our Anthem, we must indeed be “strict guardians of our heritage [and] firm craftsmen of our fate”, but only by turning back to God and realising that “with Him still on the people’s side”, we are in safe arms as He’ll be the captain of our ship. Let’s give Him first place in our lives.

Love you Barbados! Let’s wise up and turn back to God in 2016.


– Watchman on The Wall


Dear Watchman On The Wall,

Your letter has left me speechless. It is so deep that I do not think I can add or take away anything from it.

I don’t even think I want to.

I hope the truth will sink in – for everyone who reads your letter. – CHRISTINE