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Soca Monarch organisers bar pictures, video until Sunday


Soca Monarch organisers bar pictures, video until Sunday

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ORGANISERS OF THE International Soca Monarch Competition have drawn the ire of fans after posting a notice prohibiting the sharing of images from tonight’s event.

A post on their Facebook page states: “Caribbean Prestige Foundation for the Performing Arts (CPF), expressly prohibits all persons in and around the Hasely Crawford Stadium, from recording, uploading, streaming, posting or causing to be uploaded or posted, any recording of any aspect of the Final Competition onto the Internet, whether via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube or other portals before Sunday 7th February, 2016.

“PROFESSIONALLY recorded material will ONLY be allowed by ACCREDITED photographers and videographers. Anyone in violation of ANY of the aforementioned statements shall be prosecuted.”

There was immediate push back in the comments under the post for tonight’s show.

“Any lawyers wanna explain this? Is this even legal? If so what are the ramifications?” one person asked.

Organisers responded: “This is legal and approved by our lawyers,” sparking further comments.

Another poster wrote: “Trinidad has no law against recording public events for personal use. If the event was recorded and used for financial gain, only then would the Intellectual Property Law apply. Futile scare tactics.”

The finals will be staged from 10 o’clock on the day dubbed Fantastic Friday, with Barbadians Peter Ram and Hypasounds appearing third and fourth, respectively. (SAT)