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LOOKA LEW: Done recommending people

Eric Lewis, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: Done recommending people

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WORK HARD, hard to find. Right now it is easier to get goat’s milk from a centipede than to find the job you desire. So every now and then, somebody would call me and ask me if I ain’t know bout no place that taking on people.

Usually I would ask them what kinda work they looking for, most would simply say them ain’t care, them looking for anything. And sometimes they don’t be looking for the work for themselves but for a son or daughter.

So when I heard that the Cotton Growers Association of Barbados was looking for people to pick cotton, I quickly called up a friend of mine who asked me ’bout work for her son and gave her the news.

Half-hour later, she called back to let me know that her son said he aint interested in that kinda work, cause that is slave work and it ain’t got in no money.

Now this is a fella who at home doing nothing. He ain’t got a CXC, and he don’t lay eggs or give milk.

Meanwhile, she got all the bills to pay, and the food to buy, and all he doing is watching TV and eating, and as she said, he does eat nuff and don’t know what a cake o’ soap or a sandwich bread cost.

But it reminded me of another time I asked a man who does sell fish in the market for a job for another woman’s son. The man told me so long as he was honest and willing to work he would take him on.

So I called the lady with the good news, I also spoke to the youngster to let him know what the job entailed. The boy told me and his mother he aint working in no fish market ‘round no raw fish and if his school friends saw him in the fish market working they would laugh at him. Well after his mother reminded him about the bills which needed paying and the food he does eat, he decided reluctantly to give the job a try.

He went to work for two days and decided he done with that, cause the hours were too long and the man was working him too hard. The last time I heard police were questioning him ’bout a chain.

And if you think that is bad, I have another friend who complained to me that he begged a landscaper for a job for his son. The boy arrived on the job late, half hour into the job he begged the boss for piece o’ change to get something to eat. After eating he stood in the shade and smoked a cigarette and by midday he did done with that. He say the sun too hot and he ain’t know how people does work in hot sun.

And if you thought that was bad, a few years ago I recommended a young girl to a lady to do some cleaning work at her house. It was the biggest mistake of my life. The lady complained to me that the girl didn’t do a good job and spent the whole day on the cellphone. The lady said she was mopping with one hand and had the phone to her ears with the next, then bout 2 o’clock she said she had to collect her child from school and asked to be paid.

The girl later told me that the house was too big and next time she want a smaller house to work at. So right now I like I ain’t got no jobs to recommend to anyone.

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