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No need for 24-hour bar

Joyce Crowley and Bill Olshefsky

No need for 24-hour bar

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THANK YOU for your article concerning The Gap Bar. I strongly suggest you check the Worthing police station log to verify that the loud music and yelling does indeed go on past 1 a.m. unlike what The Gap Bar spokesperson claimed.

My husband and I are often left unable to sleep because their music is unbearably loud and goes on and off until sunrise. They turn it down when they see the police coming and then turn it back up as soon as they leave.

We look forward all year to our Barbados vacation and it is beyond frustrating to arrive and then not be able to sleep.

There is absolutely no need for a 24-hour bar in our residential area as it attracts no tourists and nothing but trouble. Unlike the popular Scoopie’s Jazz Bar next door which respectfully closes at 11 p.m., The Gap Bar’s picnic tables are left outside and provide a perfect alibi that “non-patrons” are to blame . . . so not true! Check out the arrest records made from inside The Bar.

The 100 people who signed the petition against The Gap Bar were gathered in only a short period of three days which tells you that many more tourists and residents in our vicinity feel the same way. We thank you for your coverage and hope you will follow up with the police and other officials to fix the South Gap problem once and for all so that our community can flourish.

– Joyce Crowley and Bill Olshefsky