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NCF looking at opening Bajan station


NCF looking at opening Bajan station

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IF THE NATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (NCF) gets the funding it needs, there could be a radio station playing 100 per cent Barbadian music.

Responding to a question from the NATION last Friday at the launch of a CD featuring a remake of June Knight-Inniss’ 1970s ballad Barbados My Island Of Dreams by entertainers Colin Spencer, Smokey Burke and Ian Webster, chief executive officer of the state agency, Cranston Browne, said that the move to a station dedicated to local music was more than just talk.

“A year or two ago the NCF thought of actually doing something called NCF Radio and this is something that we are looking at if we can get funding . . . [It] would be 100 per cent Barbadian music. It is something that we have thought about and just hope that funding would come along.

“It is not only talk. We have gone as far as getting quotations on equipment and so on. Actually, we have had discussions with one of two institutions where we can collaborate, those who have studios already in place, where we can just provide the content and so on. It is something that is actively being pursued,” he told the media. (GBM)