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No-ball call to dissolve WICB


No-ball call to dissolve WICB

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ALL WEST INDIANS have a passion for cricket and politicians are no exception, but I believe that the calls by the latest Eminent Group and supported by CARICOM heads of government for “the immediate dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB)” should be definitely no-balled.

Despite the clamour that West Indies cricket belongs to all of us, the WICB is a duly constituted and legal private organisation and in my view the call by the heads should not be supported.

Emotion seems to have taken over where common sense has failed. It is true that we (all West Indians) are many times perplexed by some of the actions of the WICB, but the same can also be said for the actions of any government in CARICOM, but we do not call for their immediate dissolution. Instead, we wait our chance every five years.

The appeal to the International Cricket Council should be rejected and not even given the opportunity for a review by the third umpire, but what I find amazing is that the heads of government have at their disposal the means to “encourage” the WICB to effect such changes as they may deem necessary without resorting to these strident, high-handed calls.

With a few exceptions, all of the playing facilities used for international matches in the West Indies are owned by the governments and, with no exceptions, each territorial board seeks governmental waivers and concessions to host any international game.

It would therefore seem to me more logical and certainly fall within the ambit of our legal framework if the leaders inform the WICB of some of the conditions which would have to be met in exchange for the required concessions and use of facilities.

Cricket is much too important to the economies of the region as well as to all West Indians for it to be no-balled by either the heads of government or the WICB.

A little introspection and a healthy serving of humble pie on both sides can effect a solution that would serve cricket well.