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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Floating a spliff kite?

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FLYING FISH AND COU COU: Floating a spliff kite?

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RONALD JONES MUST be the most popular politician in Barbados today.

And it all has to do with his position on marijuana.

Cou Cou understands that on blocks across the island young men and women are indicating they will be supporting him and his colleagues to ensure his suggestion that no one should be charged for having a spliff can become law.

Youth who don’t normally read anything other than Instagram and WhatsApp messages are all praising Jones for saying he doesn’t think our prisons should be flooded with people who are not selling but have a small spliff.

In fact, some youth are reportedly saying they have already been told that the party that delivered free education, almost free textbooks, free school uniforms, free bus rides and near-free school meals will also be the first to allow the smoking of spliffs free from fear of the police getting involved.

The buzz generated by the idea has become so widespread that some Opposition operatives have been saying the idea would be something their party’s leadership would consider too. But to date, their party has said nothing on it.

Some other Opposition operatives, though, have dismissed the statement as Jones just flying a kite. That is, floating an idea to gauge public response and depending on the reaction the notion may either be formally adopted and promised, or treated as a personal viewpoint and disavowed by the party.

If Jones was indeed flying a kite, he certainly got it right, given the endorsement being heard and the worried Bees buzzing around. After all, if the Dems can bring out the youth vote again as they did in 2008, then a third term would be in the bag.

It’s now left to be seen how far this kite will soar and if the motley crew will hang on to the cord to ensure they are not left in the dust.

Not in our uniform, you don’t!

THE MAN who recently led protests at his workplace has been suspended for behaving badly while in his work uniform at the office of a leading company.

Cou Cou has learnt that the vertically challenged, bespectacled man went to the company to conduct business and found it difficult to find a parking spot. So he parked his car in an area marked off-limits with traffic cones.

The security guard told him he needed to remove his vehicle but the man – perhaps thinking he was a Lord there as he was at his workplace – began remonstrating with the guard before eventually leaving the business.

Unknown to this aspiring lawyer, the whole thing was captured on camera and a copy was sent to his workplace. His employer reprimanded him for his behaviour while in their uniform.

From what Cou Cou has gathered, this latest incident was yet another on record against him for unseemly behaviour in recent months. In at least two of the other cases disciplinary action was pending.

Those aware of this man’s present plight have been whispering that it seems not even his usual confidants  have come to his rescue, and that may be indicative of a feeling that his behaviour was a matter of concern.

In fact, even the fellow whom he so stoutly defended against an allegedly racist act has distanced himself from this man.

How this one will end up is anyone’s guess.