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Parents of troubled youth told to seek help


Parents of troubled youth told to seek help

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PARENTS OF TROUBLED youth must never be ashamed to seek help.

Permanent secretary in the Office of the Attorney General, Diane Campbell, gave this advice recently during a Parenting Workshop at Almond Bay Caterers.

The workshop, entitled Crime Prevention through Parenting, was hosted by Office’s Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit.

Campbell told the parents gathered that they must not lose hope as some persons do, and encouraged them to find assistance.

“Seeking help is not a sign of weakness, for it takes a strong man or woman to recognise his or her limitations…If there is one thing I urge you to take away from today’s workshop, it is that there is help available and you should seek it when you need it,” she urged.

Outlining some of the causes of deviance in young people, the permanent secretary said that research indicated that many of the youth labelled as deviant had “deficiencies, especially in areas of learning”.

She stressed that it was important that parents were equipped with knowledge and understanding to appreciate the diversity of causes of deviant behavior, they would be able to respond appropriately.

Campbell cautioned parents that behaviour modification was not an “overnight” process. “It will be slow in coming and there will be obstacles and diversions that will test your endurance,” she noted.

The permanent secretary commended the parents who were at the workshop, and noted that their attendance reflected their commitment and determination to developing the necessary skill set to positively influence their children and wards.

Among the sessions conducted at the workshop were Stress Management – The Calm Parent; Practising Positive Discipline; and You, Your Child and Social Media(BGIS)