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Growing demand for Independence memorabilia

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Growing demand for Independence memorabilia

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PRIDE AND INDUSTRY seems to be translating into dollars and cents.

With the 50th anniversary of Barbados’ Independence inching ever closer, Barbadians seem to be splashing the cash on commemorative memorabilia, says Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry president Eddy Abed.

Speaking at his store Abed’s & Company Limited’s own 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations on Saturday, Abed said he had seen a significant uptake in the amount of Independence memorabilia Barbadians were buying to celebrate the occasion.

“I think it’s obvious to everybody that’s driving around the island that people have really gone out and made tremendous effort to show their national pride this year,” he said. “We have cars, we have flags, we have roundabouts, and we have houses and businesses places and so, from that point of view, I think you get the sense that people are extremely proud and rightly so.”

Abed said the urge to show national pride had translated into businesses selling more memorabilia, adding he hoped it would increase with the expected influx of visitors. (AD)