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Wonderful experience indeed


Wonderful experience indeed

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CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND at Simpson Motors may have been different things to different people.

Some may have been blown away by the fairyland-themed atmosphere, complete with snow, or the resplendent lighting display throughout the showroom and on the front lawn. For me, what stood out the most was the treatment meted out to my eight-year-old son who has physical challenges.

To say that the staff was helpful would probably be the understatement of the season. Never have we been anywhere where the staff at all levels treated my son with the courtesy and hands-on assistance that we experienced on Saturday night.

The parking staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. Even though almost everywhere was full, they ensured that we got as close as was feasible (which was a novelty for us because in our past experiences, once a venue is full we’re usually told to fend for ourselves or “park round the back”).

The grounds staff were amazing. They physically assisted with lifting my son (in his walker) over sidewalks and encumbrances as they walked with us to the fast-track section of the line, as opposed to pointing and saying “Guh roun’ dey so” – which we have grown so accustomed to hearing when we go out.

The walk-through was breathtakingly beautiful, especially so because we were met with smiles as radiant as the lights themselves. Even as we exited and perused the fair-like grounds, my son was constantly asked if he enjoyed himself as we were shown other areas of attractions. At the end of our night, we were then assisted to the parking lot.

In a society which is still fighting to find an emotional and practical balance when dealing with the disabled community, it was heartening to watch my son treated as though his presence mattered.

Thank you to the entire team that made our experience truly magical.