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Special send-off for Hope brothers


Special send-off for Hope brothers

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BROTHERS Kyle and Shai Hope were given a fitting send-off to England by their local club ESA Field Pickwick and their sponsors at an informal ceremony on Tuesday night at the clubhouse, at FourSquare Oval.

With representative of ESA Field, Louis Griffith, indicating that the send off had received the Seale of approval, a financial contribution was made to the duo who will be heading off to the West Indies tour of England today.

Griffith indicated that rum makers R.L. Seale had fashioned a relationship with Pickwick which began back in the 90s and which was strengthened even more with R.L. Seale gifting the land to the club to facilitate the move from Kensington Oval.

“We have always seen Pickwick as one of our helping hands and they have continued to help promote our brands greater since coming to Foursquare,” he said.

The president of Pickwick Desmond Marshall described the Hope brothers as two gentlemen who have helped maintain the cricket legacy of Pickwick. Kyle joined Pickwick in 2010 while Shai joined in 2013 with Shai preceding his elder brother into the West Indies team.

With a number of stalwarts like Clinton St Hill, Orson Simpson and Philip Nicholls along with a large crop of the current players present, the Hopes indicated that they valued the support from the sponsors and the club and that they looked forward to doing well in England for the West Indies and Pickwick. (KB)