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Cry over unsightly garbage pile-up


Cry over unsightly garbage pile-up

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It appears as though the area around the old Fairchild Street market has become a dumping ground for everyone. 

For the past several days, heaps of unsightly and smelly garbage has been lying around the area near where City vendors and food stall operators conduct business.

When a NATION team visited the area, one vendor said the disgusting sight was a result of indiscriminate people who brought their waste from different parts of the country and placed it there.

She explained that the skip was provided for vendors but when other people use the dumpster the excess garbage causes it to overflow.

A taxi operator said the Sanitation Service Authority stopped providing the service for a while, adding that the situation was becoming so dire that he believed the garbage pile would soon reach the road. 

When contacted, Dario Yearwood, who spoke on behalf of his father Winfield Yearwood, the chief executive officer of Express Skip Services, said the company was responsible only for collecting garbage in their skip. 

“We were subcontracted for the job since Sunday, April 1,” he said. “This week I contacted the person who hired us because I realised that we had to move the skip further and further every day because of the garbage.

He said officials from the Ministry of Agriculture told him that Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) workers were responsible for cleaning the area while we are to collect whatever is inside of the skip.  

“Since we were hired, I actually used to see workers cleaning, but recently I have not seen anyone.” 

SSA general manager Roslyn Knight said that agency if no longer responsible for garbage collection in that area.

Instead, she suggested queries be directed to the manager of markets of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sherlock King. (SB)