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First WiFi gazebo in Silver Sands

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

First WiFi gazebo in Silver Sands

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After years of waiting, Silver Sands, Christ Church finally has a gazebo of its own.

National Conservation Commission (NCC) general manager Keith Neblett and Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe recently unveiled the island’s first WiFi-equipped gazebo at the popular South Coast beach.

“This is the first and right now we are working to ensure that 16 others will have free WiFi,” Neblett told those gathered at the official opening ceremony.

“What we want to do is to try to get the Barbadian public to come to these parts . . . and they can have full use,” he added.

Neblett said the WiFi step was done with the help of Digicel.

Lowe said the gazebo would also be outfitted in short dispatch with solar panels, which would power most of the electricity needs of the park.

He added the Ministry of Energy agreed to install solar lights along the driveway of the park. (AD)