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Cedarwood and men irresistible


Cedarwood and men irresistible

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MEN IN THE WORLD have stamped their authority on beauty and personal care. They treat themselves at the spa and spend time ensuring they invest in worthy healing cosmetics.

ANNette maynard-watson


When last week’s column, headlined Scent Of Sandalwood Sends Erotic Signals appeared, my phone rang off the hook and my social media messages were climbing every second. I was asked: “Where can I find sandalwood?”

In this article, we will be focusing on some of the health benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

A friend telephoned me last Thursday and said: “Annette, you left out something in your article about sandalwood.” I waited with bated breath for her information.

She said: “Lord! When I go partying and I encounter men who smell of sandalwood and cedarwood, all kinds of imaginations does pass through me head.”

At that point I preferred not to share with her the games my mind plays when I think of sandalwood, cedarwood and men. It means that both of us understand the effect of these silent doctors when they are combined.

I Kings 6:20 states: “The inner sanctuary was 20 cubits in length, 20 cubits in width and 20 cubits in height, and he overlaid it with pure gold. He also overlaid the altar with cedar.” This shows that as spiritual beings, we must pay attention to the importance of cedarwood to our ancestors in the Bible. The word cedar is mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible.

Nevertheless, on the web page oil/, view how the writer refers to cedarwood essential oil: “Surprisingly, cedarwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-fungal, tonic, astringent, diuretic, sedative and insecticidal properties.”

Further, men who recognise that they have challenges with hair loss would be happy to note that “cedarwood essential oil seems to stimulate the hair follicles and increases circulation to the scalp.

This contributes to hair growth and may slow hair loss”.

The oil can also treat more that 15 health challenges, including urinary tract infections, skin ailment, diabetes, obesity and aid in digestion. Finally, the web page www. oil offers this remedy.

“Cedarwood essential oil can aid in the treatment of seborrhoeic eczema due to its healing, anti-seborrhoeic and anti-inflammatory properties.

While cedarwood helps to treat seborrhoeic eczema, it can reduce symptoms as well.


• Add several drops of cedar wood essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner.

• Add five drops of cedarwood essential oil to your bath water

if the rash persists at the base of your neck.

• Blend a massage oil with eight drops cedarwood oil and four teaspoons of a carrier oil.”

Annette Maynard-Watson, a teacher and herbal educator, may be contacted via [email protected]

com or by telephone 250-6450.

DISCLAIMER: It is not our intention to prescribe or make specific claims for any products. Any attempts to diagnose or treat real illness should come under the direction of your health care provider.

CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL can also be used to slow hair loss

by stimulating the hair follicles and increasing circulation to the scalp. (GP)